Sunday, 13 February 2011

Beautiful Custom Blythe by Ema.e

Have a look at this beautiful Custom Blythe doll by Ema.e. Inspired by Greek mythology. This is Hestia.
The creations of Ema.e are always full of fantasy and very well made. Please have a look at all the details, such as the dress, with leather top, and the beautiful hair with many different colors.
Also the coloring of the body is very special and adds to the mystic aura of Hestia!
The doll is on ebay now.

Fun t-shirts and dresses from Mim-pi!

Mim-pi is a Dutch children's fashion brand. In 2009 I actually discovered Blythe because of Mim-pi . The dolls were used in her adversitements and brochures and with two daughters in the girly age of 9 and 10 this caught my eye.

Now, in the new spring summer collection, there are lovely t-shirts and dresses starring Blythe again! Unfortunately my two daughters are too big for these outfits, but my little niece will be very happy with the t-shirt I bought for her.