Sunday, 24 July 2011

Are there angels out there?

Friday evening. Great spur of the moment thing. I met a friend and asked her to come for a drink in the evening. Invited another friend as well, and both of them came with their husbands. We had a great evening.
At 21.30 rumours started. A car with 5 people in it, had a accident, having drunk too much probably, just about 500 meters from our home.
Then Utoya happened. What a mad world we are in. And them Amy died.
But also something that is very close to me. My 99 year old auntie. She is having her last moments. Having been a nun all her life, she is very much used to a sober life. And healthy. Her mind is just not ready to stop. I went to visit her this weekend with my two daughters who both have warm feelings towards my auntie. They still hope that she will live to be 100 years old.
I told her that is was ok. That she can say goodbye and go to my grandma in heaven, but she said that it will probaby take a while. Although her body is giving up, her mind is strong and somehow she wants to keep holding on.

What can you say. I just hope that heaven is a great place, and that it gives all of us, who are taken to the other side, the possibility to act as angels to guide us in our earthly escapades.