Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Fashion shows Paris part 5: My favorite fashion groupie

As you know I was in Paris during the Haute Couture Fashion week in January. I have shared many of my pictures with you in my previous blogposts. 

In this post I would like to focus on just one girl. A girl that stood out from the crowd. The only thing I know is that she is English. I should have asked her name....

Please share your thoughts on her fashion style.

My favourite fashion groupie at Chanel

At Jean Paul Gaultier

At Elie Saab

Friday, 3 February 2012

Fashion Shows Paris - part 4: The Groupies

The most fun thing about 'going' to the Fashion Shows in Paris, is watching the crowd. All those fashion groupies that come together from all over the world. And what they are wearing, must be a hint of what to expect in the shops in about a years time.

I have selected a few of my pictures to share with you:
Lovely plaided hair.
Dramatic look from Russia..

How elegant.. blue shoes (keep an eye out for the 'shoe' blog I will be publishing soon)

Fashion reporters from Japan

Young and colourfull 

Male elegance. Notice the shoes of the groupie on the left.

Dandy look

Being true to your own style. Colourfull and comfortable.

Stylish in black and white with shiny Louis Vuitton bag.

What to say... unique.

Ever so elegant.

 Nerdy look.

Have a look at all the pictures in my albums.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Tips from Paris: Le Roi du Pot au Feu

During my visit to Paris we had dinner at 'Le roi dupot au feu'. A very authentique tiny restaurant in the 8th arrondissement.

Although they had several dishes on the menu, the only one that was available was the Pot au feu. No problem, cause you really have to go for the signature dish anyway. So Pot au feu it was.

We watched how two other French diners where eating their meal. How they ate the marrow with coarse salt, and the pot au feu with mustard.
The meat was really juicy and tender and the vegetables - as you can expect - cooked for ages.

Pot au feu is an authentic French dish. A stew with chunky bits of vegetables (potato, carrot, leek) and beef. And of course the bone of marrow. A real peasant's dish.

The address is: 
34 Rue Vignon,  75008 Paris