Monday, 8 October 2012

Copenhagen visit

Just before I go to New York and share my experiences about the ´City that never sleeps´I would like to tell you about my visit to Copenhagen earlier this year.

Copenhagen is a very pleasant city to go to. It has a lot of nice architecture, a rich and varied history, beautiful shops, kind people and it´s clean. I visited Copenhagen in the beginning of May and we were pleasantly suprised with the lovely weather.

So here is my Top 5 of Things to do in Copenhagen:
1) Rent a bike and explore the city by bike

2) Visit Christiana, the hippie town

3) Do a boattrip from Nyhaven (preferably in an electrical boat) to have a nice view of the different architectural styles in the city

4) Visit the lovely shops in Kronprinsensgade, in the city centre.

5) And you must definitely have a juice and sandwich at Joe and the Juice

If you are preparing your visit way in advance then maybe you can arrange to eat at Noma, the worlds best restaurant.

We stayed at the Adina Apartment hotel. An excellent place, a bit outside the centre of the city. We rented bikes at the hotel, which allowed us to go into the centre within 5 minutes. The rooms in the hotel were very spacious (apartment like with a kitchen) and the hotel had free wifi in the lounge area and also a fitness room and a swimming pool. We booked the hotel through

We had lunch at the Royal Cafe on the Amergatorv and ate Smushi's. A very nice place for a lunch or a cup of coffee. Cool interior. The smushi's look lovely, but they're not really my favorites.

Just opposite is the Europa cafe.

A great place for a drink after shopping or a light lunch. And in this area is also Illum, the big department store, with all the designer brands. A nice place shop, also in this area, is the brandstore of Acne.

We loved visiting Christiana, the hippie town in Copenhagen. Below a picture of the living 'rules' for Christiana. It's a great colorful place.

A nice restaurant is Madklubben on the Pilestreade. A great steak restaurant. Nice staff, good atmosphere, and great food. And nicely located in the shopping area.

A suprise for us was the Abercrombie shop. We hadn't expected to find this in Copenhagen, but obviously we were wrong. Lot's of tourists carried the big bags in the streets. The 6-packs might not be as tight as in other metropolitan cities, the girls may just be a little bit plainer, but the shop was as dark and as scented as I remembered from visiting in Paris and Brussels.

And of course we saw the Little Mermaid. And yes, it's just a tiny statue and during daytime crowded with Japanese tourists.. But early in the morning, just at dawn it did have a magical feel.

Copenhagen has some great museums too, but the weather was so great, that we chose to stay outside and enjoy the sun and the elegant and inspiring streets of the city. Just being here gives you a true sense of feel-good.

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