Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My Favourite Book of the Moment

I bought this book at the airport in Amsterdam, to read on the plane to New York. However, during the trip, I only managed to read the first two chapeters. Not enough to get a real grip on the book. But now.. after the Christmas break, I'm hooked. WHAT A GREAT BOOK.  A must read for everyone. Inspirational, fun and challenging. And the timing for reading was just right. Great inspiration for my New Years resolutions...

So this is the book: 'The Happiness Project', by Gretchen Rubin.
Gretchen describes her one-year journey to happiness. Sounds a bit fluffy, but the book is actually very practical and also contains a lot of nice to know facts. Gretchen designs her Happiness Project, by defining 12 area's that she thinks will contribute to happiness.  Then she dedicates every month to one of these area's. Every chapter describes one month. She shares her experiences and anecdotes, but also information about the research that she has done about the topic.

The power of the book is that it shows happiness is in the detail. It's not a BIG MAGIC thing that is only available for the happy few. Or something you should only strive for, if you have a crappy life. It's there for everyone and achievable for me (and you :)) too. So why not start to sing a little song in the morning and look at the impact on you kids and husband. Brilliant? I think so. Not shocking, but truely effective and doable. So just try it.

If there is a special occasion, I'll give all my friends this book. It makes you happy just reading it. How simple can things be?

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