Thursday, 8 December 2011

Noosa, what a great concept

My daughter is 13 years old and last week she told me all about this new hype at school. Noosa. Bracelets and belts that you can decorate with chunks. To me it seemed like just another one of those things. Like charms, or beads. A new brand trying to build on the success of collecting to create your own jewelry.

But, after having googled a bit, and learning more about what it is, I really think this is somehting different. It's not just one of those things, but it has great potential and is really fun.

The concept is truly simple. You buy a leather bracelet or belt with press-studs. Then you buy 'chunks' to press on the studs.
There are about 100 different chunks and they all have a meaning. Which gives the bracelet or belt much more depth, than just something that looks nice.

So have a look yourself.

I have bought a bracelet for my daughter for christmas. Which three chuncks, especially selected for her. A great gift.

And I am definitely going to buy one for myself.

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