Friday, 22 February 2013

All about Kid President

"We just wanna make the world better, and I think we can do it".  
That's the spirit of Kid President.

This lettle fellow is really amazing. In real life his name is Robby Novak. He is 8 years old from Henderson, Tennessee. He has Osteogensis Imperfecta, or Brittle Bone disease, which means he has very fragile bones and has fractures all the time. Up till now he has had more than 70 breaks. But that doesn't keep him from dancing, cause he just loves dancing.

Kid President is the best thing that happened in 2012. He is a really gifted kid with a mission and he's getting there. Making the world an awesome place. He says he's not 'in a party, but he is a party"and he wants you to be a party too.. Why not?

Watching his video's (any one of them) will make you smile. So smile, feel good, get the message and pass it on. His most popular video is the Peptalk, so let's start with that one. Keep watching till the end...

The energy and impact of Kid President hasn't remained unnoticed. Even President Obama has spotted the unique value, and guess what? He asked Kid President to help with the invitation for the yearly Easter Egg Roll event at the White house. And he's done a great job.

I just love his Q&A video's. Have a look at this one where he answers questions from his fans. The kid is unstopable and surprisingly authentic. The things he says about grown ups in the video are spot on. He's quite right!

There is also a video to explain how it all started: The True Story of Kid President, also starring is brother in law, Brad Montague. If you want to know more about Kid President, there is a lot of info on Wikipedia. And if you're hooked, like me, just follow his blog and tweets.

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