Sunday, 3 February 2013

SLOVZ, the new Uggs?

Uggs is not doing too well. Sales are going down and the boots are becoming less popular. Not really suprising, because all hypes come to an end. When everyone is wearing the same thing, it's time for something new. So, although we all have one or two pairs of the warm and comfy boots, let's have a look at what's next. 

Introducing SLOVZ: These handmade Russian boots, made of sheep wool and rubber,  will keep your feet warm up to -40 degrees! There are two designs and are available for women, men and kids.  Boots with a fixed sole or removable sole. With the latter you can were the shoes in home as well. And it's an all family boot, for women, men and kids.

Although rather plump, they are somehow cool too. And I'm sure they'll keep my feet warm.The boots are € 159 (removable sole),€ 179 (fixed sole) and € 99 for kids, and come in natural colours (brown, beige and black). 

Are you ready to wear SLOVZ

SLOVZ was introduced at the Modefabriek

With fixed and removable soles

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