Friday, 15 February 2013

Summertime Slippers

Well of course it's nowhere near summer yet, but I can't wait. So let's jump from the Siberian boots (my last blog) to something colorful like slippers. And this is what I bumped into: TKEES.

It's all about casual elegance and easy wear. For around 60 - 70 euro's you'll have a great pair of slippers in any color combination you can think of. Just the slipper you need when you are having a drink on the Pamplona Beach :)

Jesse and Carly Burnett are the drivers behind the brand. “The idea of a pair of flip-flops so minimal that the difference between them on and off was almost indiscernible (almost like that thin layer of sand you have on your feet after coming out of the ocean). Meanwhile, we were sitting on the beach and there was a Tiki hut, we jokingly toyed with the idea of calling the flip-flops TIKIS,” Jesse explains. 

They eventually decided on a different spelling, because writing it like TKEES was graphically more appealing. The flip-flops were introduced in the summer of 2009 and are a celebrity favorite.

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